It’s the Little Things: Upgrade Your Stay Jellystone Park™

When it comes to family camping, it’s often the little things that make a big difference. At Jellystone Park™ Milton, we offer a variety of perks to upgrade your stay and make your family camping experience truly unforgettable. From cozy cabins to special bear visits, discover how these little extras can elevate your getaway.

Upgrade Your Stay with Accommodations

From Partial to Full – RV Site Upgrades

Why settle for less when you can have it all? Upgrade from a partial hookup RV site to a full hookup site. With full hookups, you’ll enjoy the convenience of water, electricity, and sewer services right at your site, allowing you to fully utilize all your RV’s amenities.

From Tent to Cabin – A Cozy Upgrade

Love the idea of camping but not thrilled about sleeping on the ground? No worries! You can upgrade your stay from a tent site to one of our cozy cabins equipped with all the comforts of home, including a private bathroom, kitchenette, and even climate control.

Upgrade Your Stay at Jellystone Park™ Milton

The Covered Wagon Experience

For a unique camping experience, try our Covered Wagons. They offer a 19th-century Pioneer look but come equipped with all the 21st-century necessities, including a king-size bed, a set of twin bunk beds, and a private bathroom with a shower.

Park Perks to Enhance Your Stay

Golf Cart Rental

Zoom around the park in style with our golf cart rentals. These aren’t just for fun; they’re practical too. Quickly grab bags of ice from the camp store, haul the kids to the water park, or meet up with friends—all in a fraction of the time.

Bear Visits

Make your little camper’s stay extra special with a visit from their favorite Yogi Bear™ character. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or just a good morning or good night greeting, these bear visits add a magical touch to your family camping experience.

Propane Grills

Rent one of our propane grills and enjoy the thrill of cooking in the great outdoors. No need to worry about bringing your own equipment—it’s one less thing to pack.

Boo Boo Pavilion

Planning a family reunion or camping with a large group of friends? The Boo Boo™ Pavilion is a great communal space that can accommodate up to 35 guests, making it the perfect spot for gatherings like potlucks.

Why Upgrades Matter

Upgrading your stay isn’t just about adding little luxuries but about enhancing your overall experience. These little extras can turn a good camping trip into a great one, offering convenience and indulgence.

Upgrade your stay today at Jellystone Park™ Milton and discover the joy of the little things that make a big difference.


Discover the Joy of the Little Things That Make a Big Difference