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Club Yogi™ Rewards is a free program that rewards members with special privileges, including earning Club Points for every qualified dollar spent at a Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort location. Members can utilize their Points for FREE nights, FREE Jellystone Park merchandise, and more. If you are not already a Club Yogi Rewards member, please visit www.jellystonerewards.com to view the program details and to enroll.

The following chart reflects the number of Club Points required to book a one (1) night stay at Jellystone Park in Milton, PA.

Free Night LevelStandardHolidays*
Level 18,000 points24,000 points
Level 210,000 points30,000 points
Level 316,000 points35,000 points
Level 421,000 points45,000 points

Free Night LevelStandardHolidays*
Level 530,000 points60,000 points
Level 650,000 points100,000 points
Level 780,000 points160,000 points

Site TypeAccommodation NameLevel
Tent SiteTent SiteLevel 1
Tent SitePoolside Water and Electric Tent SiteLevel 2
RV SiteWater, Electric and Cable RV SitesLevel 2
RV SiteFull Hookup RV Sites – 30/50 AmpLevel 3
Cabin/RentalBoo Boo™ CabinLevel 5
Cabin/RentalBoo Boo™ Two-Room CabinLevel 5
Cabin/RentalBoo Boo™ Deluxe Two-Room CabinLevel 5
Cabin/RentalCovered WagonLevel 6
Cabin/RentalRanger Smith™ CabinLevel 7
Cabin/RentalRanger Smith™ Super CabinLevel 7
Cabin/RentalRanger Smith™ Deluxe CabinLevel 7
Cabin/RentalRanger Smith™ Handicap Accessible CabinLevel 7
Cabin/RentalRanger Smith™ Waterfront Bunk CabinLevel 7
Cabin/RentalRanger Smith™ Waterfront Super CabinLevel 7
Cabin/RentalRanger Smith™ Waterfront Deluxe CabinLevel 7
Cabin/RentalCindy Bear™ CabinLevel 7
Cabin/RentalYogi Bear™ Deluxe CabinLevel 7



Please note:  Holiday point values apply during the following timeframes:
Friday-Monday of Memorial Day weekend 05.24.24-05.27.24
Thursday-Sunday 4th of July weekend 07.04.24-07.07.24
Friday-Monday of Labor Day weekend 08.30.24-09.02.24

Visit www.jellystonerewards.com for more information.

Members will receive coupons for discounts on Yogi Bear and friends licensed merchandise. The coupons will be distributed with the quarterly statement to active members via email.

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If you are camping or making a reservation, but have not yet received a Club Yogi™ Rewards Membership Card, just let the front desk staff know you’re a Club Yogi™ Rewards Member when you check in. They’ll look up your member number to ensure you earn points for your stay.

Please Note: Guests redeeming a FREE night are still responsible for the “per person” fees. FREE night vouchers can only be used for Lodging or Camping.