Pennsylvania’s Most Affordable RV Park With More to Offer

You need a little break from your daily routine; it’s good for your mental health and invaluable for leading a happy and productive lifestyle. So, planning a short vacation, even for just a few days, can make a world of difference. Visit Jellystone Park™ at Milton and enjoy a series of fun activities to supplement your camping adventure!

The Best Family RV Park and Campground in Pennsylvania

Planning the perfect family getaway has never been easier. Jellystone Park™ at Milton has everything you need for a fun and action-packed stay away from home. From dedicated kids’ activities to fun for the whole family, you’ll never feel bored again! Ready to create unforgettable memories with your family?

Family get-a-ways only a short drive from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Looking for the perfect family getaway that’s not too far from home? Harrisburg and its surrounding areas offer exciting destinations and attractions for families of all sizes to explore and enjoy. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures, historical exploration, or simply some quality time together, these family-friendly getaways are sure to delight everyone…

Tech-Savvy RVing: Gadgets for your Jellystone Park™ Milton Stay

To make your stay even better at Jellystone Park™ Milton, you may want to consider bringing along your own Tech-Savvy RVing Gadgets. Take advantage of today’s technology, from solar powered generators, smart RV thermostats, and so much more. Welcome to the World of RVing! A few tech-savvy RVing gadgets to consider Smart Thermostats(RV Compatible) Maintain … Continued

Why Planning Your Camping Trip Early is a Must

The excitement of a camping trip begins long before you set up at your campsite or cabin. Planning your camping adventure in advance, especially at a delightful destination like Jellystone Park™ Milton, offers numerous benefits. Here’s a deeper dive into why early planning is essential.   #3: Enhanced Special Occasions: Planning your trip well in … Continued

Savor the Flavor of Campfire Cooking at Jellystone Park™

Campfire cooking at Jellystone Park™ Milton offers a unique way to enjoy your meals. The aroma of food grilling over an open flame and the warmth of the fire create an inviting atmosphere. It’s a chance to return to simpler cooking methods, where the focus is on the basics: heat, food, and the great outdoors. … Continued

Camping with a Dog: 10 Essentials for a Pawsome Adventure

When prepping for a camping expedition, we meticulously pack for our family, including our four-legged family member! Camping with a dog is an experience filled with wagging tails, playful romps, and joyful barks at Jellystone Park™ Milton. Our pet-friendly environment is a haven for your furry companion, providing the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable camping … Continued

It’s the Little Things: Upgrade Your Stay Jellystone Park™

When it comes to family camping, it’s often the little things that make a big difference. At Jellystone Park™ Milton, we offer a variety of perks to upgrade your stay and make your family camping experience truly unforgettable. From cozy cabins to special bear visits, discover how these little extras can elevate your getaway. The … Continued

Your Ultimate Packing List for Spooktacular Weekends

Anticipation is building as the Halloween Spooktacular Weekends at Jellystone Park™ Milton approach! If you’re gearing up for this event, ensuring you have the right packing list is crucial to maximize your fun. We’ve crafted the ultimate packing list tailored to the event’s offerings:     Trick-or-Treating Essentials Sturdy Treat Bags or Buckets: You’ll need … Continued