Bear Visits

Let’s Celebrate with a Bear Visit!

Make your stay at Jellystone Park™ at Milton even more special with a visit from your favorite Yogi Bear! With a variety of options from a visit at your birthday party to a good morning or good night, we have an option that fits your budget and makes your stay fun for your little camper

Bear Visit

Who wouldn’t love one of the beloved bears to stop by and pay a visit at your site

$10.00 Per Child

Cindy Bear™ Special

We can help celebrate your child’s day with a visit from your favorite bear that includes

  • 2 balloons
  • Stuffed Bear Souvenir
  • Card
  • $35.00

$35.00 Per Child

Hey Yogi Bear™

Let’s make it a great day with a bear visit!

  • Birthday card
  • 6 oz cup in store ice cream
  • 2 balloons
  • Stuffed bear souvenir along with a small gift.

$50.00 Per Child

Boo Boo™ Party Pack

Let’s make it a great day with a bear visit!

  • 10 Guests with pizza served on birthday plates.
  • Also includes the Hey Yogi Bear™ package.
  • Located at the lower Boo Boo™ pavilion for 3 hours


Add ons

(must purchase a package above)

  • A snack from your favorite bear- $5.00
  • Birthday Cake (Feeds 15-20)- $30.00
  • Private Hey Hey ride around the park- $60.00
  • Boo Boo™ pavilion rental for 1 hour- $50.00

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