Cabin Camping Near Harrisburg, PA

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in the joys of cabin camping near Harrisburg, PA! You’ll find that we offer different cabins at Jellystone Park™ Milton, for adventurers like you to enjoy. Our cabins make a perfect place to stay while you’re in the area. So, let’s get this adventure started!

Embrace Nature’s Retreat While Cabin Camping Near Harrisburg, PA

The options at Jellystone Park™ Milton for cabin camping near Harrisburg, PA are tailored to accommodate various preferences and group sizes. Discover the charm of rustic camping with modern conveniences that will ensure an unforgettable experience!

Covered Wagons

The Covered Wagons are something special for sure. Although it looks small, you’ll find nearly everything you’ll need from a private bathroom and shower to heat, cozy beds, and appliances! 

cabin camping near Harrisburg, PA

Standard Cabins

Cindy Bear™, Ranger Smith™ & of course Boo Boo™ all have designated cabins for you to choose from and enjoy! These cabins are simple but still very comfortable to stay in. You’ll love sitting by the campfire and telling stories near the picnic tables sharing laughs through the night!

Deluxe Cabins

Ranger Smith™, Yogi Bear™ & Boo Boo™ offer Deluxe Cabins that will surely get you in that cozy camping feeling. Grill up some yummy meals while you make memories with the loved ones around you. Or, hang out indoors with plenty of space to explore and enjoy the air conditioning rooms.   

Ranger Smith™ Waterfront Cabins

The Ranger Smith™ accommodation offers waterfront cabin camping near Harrisburg, PA that ranges from deluxe, bunk-bed, and super cabin options! You’ll find that these cabins are spacious, homey, and all-around fun to be in! With beautiful views of the water and cozy interiors, you’ll want to stay longer than intended! 

Ranger Smith™ Handicap Accessible Cabin

Enjoy your trip with ease at our Ranger Smith™ handicap-accessible cabin! This cabin will make sure everyone can enjoy their trip without worry and easy access in and out of the cabin. Enjoy your trip like any other at this thoughtful cabin! 

Cabin camping near Harrisburg, PA is a gateway to nature’s embrace. From the comfort of well-equipped cabins to the allure of outdoor activities, this region invites you to unwind, recharge, and create cherished memories during your journey.